What we've achieved.

Economic development

As Chairman of the Board’s Economic Development Committee in his first term, Matt has led the effort to reorganize and rebuild Loudoun County’s Economic Development Department, created a new process for commercial developers and undertaken over 100 zoning changes to be more business-friendly. As a result, Loudoun is now the #3 county in America for job growth, with low unemployment and ever-increasing opportunities for residents.  He was the Board's point person on negotiations to bring D.C. United's headquarters and a minor league soccer team to Loudoun, and also worked extensively on the consolidation of U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel in Ashburn, bringing 3,700 new jobs to Loudoun.  


Matt cast the deciding vote to bring Metro to Loudoun County, and has played a key role in planning the nearly $1 billion in road and rail projects now in Loudoun’s Capital Improvement Plan.  He spent countless hours working with VDOT to speed up and improve the Route 50 widening project, and successfully worked on a funding agreement with the state and Airports Authority to widen Route 606.  He obtained funding for the Braddock-Pleasant Valley Roundabout, the Tall Cedars Parkway extension, and safety improvements at Poland and Edgewater and Center Street and Loudoun County Parkway.  He played a central role in ensuring the completion of Loudoun County Parkway, and is now working on new projects such as Northstar Boulevard, Arcola Boulevard and improvements to Braddock Road.


During Matt’s time on the Board, public school funding has far outpacing new student enrollment.  LCPS has been providing steady increases for teachers, numerous technology improvements, and lower class sizes.  Matt  has successfully worked with the School Board to accelerate construction of Cardinal Ridge Elementary School, Goshen Post Elementary School, Willard Intermediate School, Rock Ridge High School and Lightridge High School, as well as future schools to handle new growth.

New amenities

Matt fought for funding to finish and open the Gum Spring Library, and led the effort to get the Dulles South Multipurpose Center indoor recreation center and senior center funded after a decade of inaction.  He’s working closely with commercial developers to bring new stores and restaurants to Dulles South.  Matt’s Field Improvement Initiative resulted in upgrades at dozens of school fields, and thanks to Matt’s efforts, every field in the County has a portable restroom.  Under his leadership, the Board has fully funded Hanson Park, a major regional park that will alleviate overcrowding at County fields.  

protectiNg our interests

Matt has demanded better proffers from developers, and has opposed land development projects that are not in the best interest of the community.  When VDOT proposed building limited access lanes on Route 50—meaning years of new construction with no community benefit—Matt led the charge and helped to generate more feedback to VDOT than any project in history.  Matt also was a leader in the fight to keep power lines off of Route 50 west of Loudoun County Parkway, successful forging an agreement with Dominion to reroute the power lines, protecting new shopping areas and the Stone Ridge and Avonlea communities from loss of land.   Matt always puts his constituent’s interests first. 

strong fiscal management

During Matt’s tenure, Loudoun has maintained an AAA bond rating for all three major credit rating agencies—the best possible.  Matt personally meets with top Wall Street firms to ensure this top rating.  Every budget Matt has supported has lowered the tax rate and been completely balanced.

public safety

Matt’s worked to provide the Sheriff’s Office and Loudoun County Fire-Rescue with the resources they need to keep us safe.  Matt worked to bring a Community Policing Officer to the Dulles South station, and passed a budget amendment to bring Advanced Life Support (ALS) medic service to Dulles South for the first time in 2012.  He led an effort to restructure the pay scale for first responders, helping Loudoun to become more competitive and reduce turnover in these critical positions.