Matt’s record of accomplishment demonstrates that he’s the right person to continue to work on region’s top challenges. These include:

Continued transportation improvements 

Under Matt's leadership, the Dulles South road network is finally making progress. Matt’s worked to lay the foundation for the next wave of improvements. If reelected, these are just some of the projects Matt will be working on:

Route 50 Improvements: Despite the widening of Route 50, congestion is still a daily reality for thousands of commuters, including Matt. Matt initiated a Route 50 corridor study which identified improvements that can be made to signals and turn lanes to improve flow. Longer term, he has proposed a "Northern Collector Road” which would run parallel to Route 50 on the north side between Route 28 and Loudoun County. He was able to get funding in the later years of the 6 year County capital project so that work can begin. At Matt’s direction, County staff has engaged in discussions with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and Fairfax County on this vital project. While it will be a difficult task, Matt is committed to finding a path forward with this vital road link in his next term.

Loudoun County Parkway and Route 50: Matt has initiated a project to add a turn lane on Loudoun County Parkway heading southbound, and to build an acceleration lane on Route 50 that could also connect with Dulles Landing—finally providing another way out of the shopping center.

Arcola Blvd: this road will connect Gum Spring Road to Route 606 directly—avoiding congestion on Route 50. Matt successfully negotiated a proffer with a developer to accelerate the southern portion of the road by the time that Wegman’s opens at Arcola Center in 2021.

Dulles West Blvd: Matt also negotiated proffers to connect Dulles West Blvd from where it ends by Walmart to Arcola Blvd, providing a back entrance/exit to Dulles Landing.

Northstar Boulevard: Northstar construction will be in two phases, south of Route 50 and north of 50. Matt has been fighting for funding in the County budget to get these projects built. The southern section is schedule to begin earlier, and Matt and the County team have been working on right of way acquisition.

Braddock Road Improvements: Matt is working to improve capacity along Braddock Road. The first improvements are occurring at the Gum Spring intersection as part of proffers Matt negotiated. The next section is part of a County project now underway at the Supreme-Summerall intersection and will widen a stretch of the road continuing to Northstar Blvd, which is slated to receive a traffic signal. In the FY20 budget, Matt worked to accelerate a widening project that will go from Gum Spring past Riding Center to the second entrance to Paul VI High School. The final phase planned will widen Braddock the rest of the way to Loudoun County Parkway. Matt has also been urging Fairfax County to take steps to improve Braddock in the area of Old Lee Road and at the “S” curve. Thanks to Matt’s persistence, VDOT completed an extensive review and is now working with Fairfax County officials to budget and plan improvements. During the next four years, Matt’s leadership will be vital to keep pressure on.

Loudoun County Parkway Widening: Matt worked to negotiate a proffer agreement which will get Loudoun County Parkway widened between Ryan Road and Shellhorn Road within 24 months of construction of the new Silver District West application that was approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Shellhorn Road: Shellhorn will provide a new way to Route 28 for commuters instead of Waxpool Road. Matt and his colleague Supervisor Ron Meyer negotiated proffers to ensure that Barrister Street will be built over the Greenway and connect with Shellhorn east of Loudoun County Parkway.

Improved Transit Links: As we prepare for Metro in Loudoun, Matt knows that we need to make it easy for commuters to reach our new stations. Matt has been working on enhanced bus service that will serve communities throughout the Dulles District, taking cars off the road.  

strategic economic development opportunities

Bringing jobs to Loudoun not only improves our economy—it also helps solve our transportation challenges by giving residents options closer to home. That’s why Matt has spent so much time and effort into creating one of the top performing Economic Development agencies in North America. Matt will continue to work hand in hand with the Department of Economic Development to attract new businesses and jobs to the County, with a particular focus on Metro-area development.


While there is still much work to be done, Matt’s efforts have already led to some big new opportunities in Dulles South, including Wegman’s. Despite challenges in the retail market, Matt is committed to working with Peterson Companies to see a re-imagined version of Avonlea Town Center move forward.


Matt's expertise on the budget and Loudoun’s finances have earned him the respect of his colleagues and staff. Matt will continue to work to make sure that County employees are properly compensated, and that service levels of County agencies are being properly met.